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Reduce the complexity and increase the awesomeness of your EDM productions. Welcome to our less fat >>> MORE PHAT blog, where we deconstruct and muse about all things related to electronic music production. Our vision is to enable producers to create amazing tunes from anywhere.

Many of the concepts we discuss here are integrated into the Lockdown Composer. Lockdown Composer is a browser-based DAW, which you can use across a multitude of browsers and devices. With its innovative single text file project downloads, you have full control over your audio. You can move your work around and keep rocking no matter where you are and whenever that creative urge hits you.

By Abs, Wed, 12/21/2022 - 17:14
Learn how to slice any piece of audio into rhythmic progressions and use slices within the drum machine, sampler and performance units to create productions that are cohesive and harmonic.

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