Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will join us in our shared passion for electronic music. Our focus is to help you create complete and amazing pieces of electronic music.

Have you ever heard or hummed an amazing tune, which you simply cannot get out of your head? Something that captivates you and gives you those goosebumps? … Want to solidify that feeling and lay it down as a complete tune? Lockdown Composer is here to accelerate you towards that goal … touch and feel your way to that perfect sweetspot and finish those ideas in record time.

In a world full of loops and samples, our passion is to help you create and master complete tracks. This is why you will find slicers, shapers and arrangers throughout the studio. Whether you are creating performance pads in the Pad-Lock unit or creating and shaping drum sounds in the Drummer, you can slice, shape and arrange just about any sound into rhythmic progressions.

Whether you are creating something from scratch or remixing something awesome, you will find some amazing audio units to help you get there faster and enjoy producing some awesome sounds and effects in the process.

A little bit about us...

Dappledark Studios was founded by a group of passionate musicians, consisting of DJs, Producers and Sound Engineers. We set out to create something that provides a more natural environment for creating music. We wanted to reduce the amount of time spent pointing and clicking to paint notes and provide more intuitive ways to produce complete songs. We also wanted to reduce the amount of musical knowledge required to produce EDM tracks.

As a result, you will find intelligent sonic wizards throughout the Composer, to help you slice, shape and perform, whilst staying on beat.

Created by sound enthusiasts for sound enthusiasts ... why not take Lockdown Composer for a test drive today? Try It, We Think You'll Love It!

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