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Love electronic music? You'll love LOCKDOWN Composer.

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It's unlike anything you've used before

Electronic music follows different rules to the traditional composition process. LOCKDOWN Composer is designed for the modern electronic music producer.

It combines mixing and beat making techniques with traditional composition steps and some awesome sound shaping tools to inspire you with new ideas to help you create complete songs in record time.

Try it ... we think you'll love it.
  • Runs online and offline, simply login to get started.
  • Ultra-wide professional layout on desktops, seamlessly transition to touch devices.
  • It's pattern-based, easy to use, with less FAT and more PHAT. No musical knowledge required.
  • Choose from FREE Lite Edition, Subscription or Lifetime Licenses.
  • No installation hassles and no need to worry about plugins and upgrade costs:
    • … upgrades are free … for life!
    • … over 35 FX units included with the Pro Edition
  • Includes an integrated sample library with over half a million sounds

The Regenerator

Inspiration is at the heart of the Composer. Ever been stuck in a loop? Ever wanted to just hit a button and listen to what's possible with your selected drum and synth sounds?

Meet the REGENERATOR, capable of playing limitless variations of drum patterns and synth chords. Simply select, generate or create your favourite drum sounds and dial-in a lead synth or sampled instrument and let the Regenerator inspire you with limitless ideas.


The Song Maker

  • Translate your loops into songs
  • Use pre-defined song templates
  • Generate and test song ideas in seconds
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The Beat Maker

  • MPC-style sample-based drum machine. It's 'electric' and seamlessly integrates with the Regenerator.
  • One-click drum machine generator
  • Generate drum patterns
  • Generate drum samples
Start The Beat Maker

32-Voice Synth Collection

Be prepared to be amazed by the sheer range of sounds that emerge from these synths.

FM Synth

Need that extra bite in your tracks? … The FM Synth is what you need.

Membrane Synth

Create thumping kicks and basslines.

Metal Synth

Create those hypnotic metallic sounds. Whether you are creating tubular steps for your melodies or generating hats for your drums … this is the one.

More ...

Need even more variations? ... You will find a growing list of options, now including an AM SYNTH, PLUCK SYNTH and BASE SYNTH.

Includes a cool synth patch generator

Try The FM Synth - It's available in the FREE Lite Edition

Sample Library With Over Half A Million Sounds

  • Realtime integration with the FREESOUND Library
  • Includes a range of sonic wizards that can generate unlimited samples
  • Generate single-shots, melodies, drum loops, pads, noise samples and complete mixdowns for inspiration.
  • Trimmer, fader and one-click creators for integration with the Beat Maker, Instrument Maker and Loop Maker.
  • Browse The Sample Library

Instrument Maker

  • Choose from a cool collection of acoustic and electronic instruments
  • An intelligent sampler that creates playable instruments from any audio fragment
  • Generate melodies
  • Includes a one-click instrument generator

Loop Maker

  • Generate infinite loops from audio fragments
  • Automatic beat detection and time stretching
  • Generate cool stutter sequences
  • Innovative sync and lock mechanisms that can instantly transform your loops into songs
  • Start The Loop Maker

PAD-LOCK Performance Pads

  • Play any of the loops created by the Loop Maker
  • Quantised release function
  • Use layer mode for more depth and presence
  • Start The PAD-LOCK Performer

The Sound Shapers

  • Instant and powerful sound shaping panels are available throughout the studio
  • Complete FX Racks for every pattern across the different units
  • 35+ high impact FX Units to choose from with unlimited configurations in every rack
  • Dedicated and shared racks that let you easily group tracks
  • Dedicated master rack
  • Easily accessible and intuitive automation parameters
  • Start Shaping Your Sounds - The LITE Edition Is FREE

Volume Automation Patterns

Convenient and time-saving volume automation sequences are available for use against each pattern in your song.

FX Units

Select from an extensive range of FX units. Arrange them across a range of shared racks or create unlimited solo racks of your own. Use fx units within the configurable MASTER RACK to add that final polish to your tracks. The EMULATOR unit provides one-click simulations of common end-user listening environments to help with the translation of your mixes. The master rack also contains a convenient reference sample for instant A/B comparisons.

Multi-Track Recorders

Ever jammed something and wanted to identify those key parts that you love? The Composer provides a range of recorders to help you record just about anything you do in the Studio, which you can bounce, slice, shape, arrange and master. Endless possibilities..., what will you create?

The Visualiser

Whether you want to see the unique 'heartbeat' of your creations or just want to capture some cool animated graphics for videos, the Visualiser will produce beat-matched animations for any audio sample.

See The Visualiser

The Go-Anywhere Studio

A cool aspect of the Composer is that it uses the awesome WebAudio API, which means you simply point your browser and the Composer is ready … just launch the Composer and start using it. The Composer is also responsive and progressive, which means you can pin it locally, just like a native app and use it online, offline and on a wide range of target platforms. Although it's a web app, the Composer uses local processing power and your audio remains local.

Unlike many online offerings, you can build your collection of projects, samples and patches within the drive of your choice ... just like any other desktop DAW. We even encode your projects into single files for convenience.

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Why not take the Composer for a spin today ... it's great fun ... we think you'll love it :)

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Still hungry for more info? We have a range of videos on our YouTube Channel that puts the Composer through its paces. You can also locate the FAQ on our Forum, as well as the Printable Composer Docs. If you need help at any time, just get in touch.

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