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Lockdown Composer Docs

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What Do I Need To Use The Composer?

Lockdown Composer is a native web application that runs within the browser. You do not have to download or install anything. The Composer will download optimised samples as required, depending on the templates and instruments you use. You can learn more on the following page:

Browser Support and Installation Info https://www.dappledark.com/installation

Can I Use Lockdown Composer On Mobile Devices?

The Composer is optimised for professional ultra-wide screen layouts. You will get the best experience on desktop machines. However, the app is responsive and will run on a wide range of iOS and Android devices. We do not certify the Composer on mobile devices, but most features should be accessible. You will notice many design touches that are geared towards point-and-click type devices as well as touch devices.

Is It Slower Compared To Apps That Run Locally?

We have many cool and innovative features in the Composer, including use of the awesome Web Audio API. Although you use the Composer as a native web app, it actually harnesses the power of your local machine. The Composer should therefore run on your local machine in a similar manner to other local apps, but provide all the benefits of being a web app that is accessible from different devices in different locations.

Where Do My Project Files Live?

Although you sign up and use the Composer from our web domain, we do not store any of your project data on our servers. Composer projects are encoded into a single text file that you can move around like any other file. These files can be quite large in size (not dissimilar to other audio visual apps), depending on the sizes of your samples.

Will It Not Take A Long Time To Upload Large Projects?

Projects are downloaded to your local machine from your browser that runs on your local machine. If you want to move these project files to cloud drives then the usual upload parameters will apply, but the Composer will expect you to locate project files locally. You only need to worry about project file sizes if you want to move them to other locations and gain wider access.

Can I Use Cloud Drives?

Yes. Composer projects are encoded into single text files, which can be moved around like any other file.

Can I Save My Drum Samples?

Yes, When you save projects, your drum samples and patterns are saved as part of the project. But the Drummer provides its own load and save functionality, which can be used to save and load drum samples. Please note that the patterns are saved within the 16 patterns available on the Drummer (and anything that you may have bounced onto the song structure). The local Drummer save and load operations deal with the audio samples, together with their volume and pan settings only. Similar to project files the Drummer files are encoded into a single text file for convenience.

Can I Save My Player Patches?

Yes, Player notes sequences and settings can be saved onto the 16 patterns and also bounced to the song structure. This information is saved within the project file. However, the Player has its own save and load operations to enable you to save settings you may wish to reload for use in other projects or simply try different sound combinations. Player patches are saved in single text files, just like drummer samples and complete project files.

Can I Use My Own Samples?

Yes, you can load samples from your local file system or via URL ... from cloud drives for example. You can also access up to half a million samples at Freesound.

Can I Download Samples?

Yes, but only when you have a Pro Subscription. All bounces for audio, whether that's a complete song, parts of your song, or anything else that you bounce can be downloaded. This includes loops, synth patterns, drum patterns, slicer samples, master out recordings, vocal samples, etc.

How Do I Bounce And Download My Songs?

A one-click bounce is available to bounce your complete track or selected sections. You will need a Pro Subscription to download the audio.

How Much RAM Do I Need?

You can learn more on the following page:

Browser Support and Installation Info https://www.dappledark.com/installation

How Much Disk Space Do I Need?

You can learn more on the following page:

Browser Support and Installation Info https://www.dappledark.com/installation

What Can I Do With The Lite Edition?

You can learn more within the shop

What Can I Do With The Trial Edition?

You can do everything that you can do using the Pro Subscription for 30 days.

We hope you will try the Composer ... We think once you try it, you'll love it :)

FREE 30 Day Pro Trial

...And, don't forget, we have a range of videos on our YouTube channel that puts the Composer through its paces Dappledark YouTube Channel. If you need help at any time, just get in touch.

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