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Lockdown Composer Installation and Usage Info
Browser Support
The Lockdown Composer is certified for use on:

Google Chrome

The Studio should also work on other Chromium and Webkit browsers.

The Composer is a responsive web app and should work on Android and iOS devices.

The Composer is also a progressive web app (PWA). You can use it online and offline. The Composer has best compatibility and support in PWA format on Chrome. Use the install option on Chromium browsers within the URL or 'Add To Home Screen' option on Safari and iOS devices to pin the composer to desktops and home screens.
Operating System
Lockdown Composer is a cloud-based web app that runs inside compatible web browsers. It can also run offline as a PWA.

The Studio is optimised for widescreen desktop-type machines such as those running Windows and macOS.
The Composer runs within a web browser and requires very little disk space for its operation. However, it is a DAW that uses and produces audio files, which can be significant in size. A typical project can amount to a few hundred MB, depending on the sizes of the sample files that are used.
Recommended 8GB+

The Composer uses the Web Audio API and audio fragments are recommended to be short by the various standards. The memory usage largely depends on the sizes of the samples that are used. For best performance and to reduce latency, the more memory your machine has the better.
The Studio is optimised for widescreen desktop-type machines such as those running Windows and macOS. The larger the screen the better. The minimum screen size we would recommend would be 1280 width, but 1920+ width is better.
Lockdown Composer is a DAW that makes use of the Web Audio API. It performs its processing locally and, like similar tools of this type, the more CPU power you have, the smoother it will operate with reduced latency. Typical machines would be a MacBook Pro or equivalent spec. The Latency Hint setting is not currently supported on all browsers. You can check this setting under the 'Settings | Performance' tab of the Studio and also consult the Documentation for more info under the 'Performance and Tuning' section. If this setting is not supported (as is the case on Safari currently for example), it is likely to be set to a low value, which means lower-spec machines may struggle with more complex arrangements, but you can find lots of additional hints and tips in the 'Performance and Tuning' section of the documentation.

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